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Does the free Rayman Legends online mode make up for the delay?

Tom East has his say on Ubisoft's peace offering

Ubisoft really are trying hard to make up for the Rayman Legends delay but judging by the first comments I've read on the ONM website and Twitter it just isn't working.

Not even the promise of a free online multiplayer mode featuring five challenges is enough for some people.

The problem is that it's coming in early April, a month after the game was originally meant to be released. Speaking during a video, Senior Game Producer Michael Michalic said: "it definitely hurt us to see you so upset about the delay." He didn't apologise but then it probably isn't his fault. Anger should be directed towards his bosses at Ubisoft rather than his studio who worked so hard to get Rayman Legends ready for release in March.

I was one of those who was upset and I won't rant too much here as Chandra has already expressed his anger in his blog. I'll just say that Rayman Legends was my most wanted Wii U game. Given how good Rayman Origins was, this was the only game in the Wii U launch line-up that seemed to me was guaranteed gold.

As it turns out, ZombiU and Nintendo Land also received a gold bar from ONM but given that platformers are my favourite genre, Rayman Legends was my still the game that I was most excited about as it looked to have pushed platforming to the next level with its inventive use of the GamePad that looked to be more original than New Super Mario Bros U.

Better than Mario?

Rayman? Better than Mario? Even as someone who worked on a PlayStation magazine in the late 1990s, I could have never seen the day when that could happen. Back then, following his debut, Rayman languished behind Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon and even Croc and Gex in our affections. Maybe it's because we were so blinded by the new world of 3D platforming that a 2D platformer starring a limbless hero with rubbish hair didn't have a hope.

Rayman - PlayStation
Rayman - PlayStation
I joined PlayStation Max magazine shortly after the first Rayman game was released on PlayStation and the guy was a laughing stock. Although his fortunes improved with Rayman 2, he would never compete with Mario but with Rayman Legends, it looked like it was his moment but that moment has been lost.

Given that the new 3D Mario game will be unveiled at E3 2013, our attention could be elsewhere by September.

So that's my feeling on the delay. I said I wouldn't rant and I've kind of failed.

Anyway, this demo, then. I have to say that it looks awesome. For me, the Land Of The Dead looks like it will be great as you and your friends have to use your best platforming skills to keep up with the speedy scrolling level while the Infernal Tower also looks like it will be good fun but it's the Dungeon - exclusive to Wii U - that looks like it will be brilliant as it makes great use of the GamePad.

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