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EscapeVektor 3DS review

Ever wondered what goes on inside your CPU? It's probably not much like this...

With the first of its four chapters initially released for the Wii, EscapeVektor arrives in its entirety on 3DS and is an interesting curio.

Players must help Vektor escape a CPU by navigating an increasingly complicated series of mazes. You are awarded boosts for painting new lines of the maze and bombs for filling in new squares. There are enemies to dodge and destroy and, later, switches to trigger and turrets to avoid. Vektor must manoeuvre quickly to avoid becoming another smear on the information superhighway.

And that, unfortunately, is where EscapeVektor falls down. It's clear that this game was intended for bigger screens than the 3DS: you can only view a small portion of the screen at a time, making it far too easy to run into pitfalls, especially on a new level.

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While you can zoom out, this requires constantly holding down the right shoulder button, something it's easy to forget to do. Manoeuvring is also hampered by controls that are just on the annoying side of sluggish, making tight turns almost impossible.

The game isn't charming enough to forgive these faults. Despite stylish execution and an engaging soundtrack like the burbling of a happy robot, Escape Vektor left us cold.


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  1. Darkblizz Saturday 2nd Mar 2013 at 12:00

    I like to think the inside of my CPU is a bit like Reboot....

  2. fisher2007 Saturday 2nd Mar 2013 at 19:44

    I won't be getting this also it didn't look that great.

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