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The Wonderful 101 preview

Why you should be getting excited about Platinum's Wii U exclusive

Speculating on a game's trailer is rather like the tealeaf divination of our day. The smallest pixel-smudge is enough to shape our ideas of mechanic. The merest parp of dialogue might cause us to extrapolate a character's entire personality. The accidental whiff of a colleague's fresh panini could yank a thousand "Smell-o-Gaming is HERE!" headlines out of the ether. It's a fool's game and by God, if we aren't fools.

The problem is, we're fools for The Wonderful 101, too, which is threatening to cause some kind of conjecture singularity in the office. One more mention of a possible fourth Unite weapon could send us all into some kind of void. We've peered over every piece of video we can find (sum total: around 20 minutes) and we've still got questions, questions, questions.

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It's testament to Platinum's flair for the inscrutable that we're still as lost as we are. Taking all of this footage at face value, we could write half a page on a spandex-clad Pikmin clone, but knowing Platinum's love for action, shattered, obsolete moulds and a hidden system or 12, we're stuck here wondering. Is that Viewtiful Joe cosplayer really the main character if it says "100", not "101", on his back? What if those tiny football fields mean this is all just some sports game? Are we having the Lycra pulled over our eyes? There's so much still to learn.

Take the latest Wonderful 101 trailer. It's one minute and 22 seconds long. It shows 25 entirely separate moments from the game and every moment inspires debate. Platinum knows what it's doing.

The Boss Of You

The most obvious element of the trailer is its focus on what we assume are some pretty pivotal boss fights. There are a couple of appearances from the gigantic, city-stomping robot we've already seen in our short time with the game, albeit in some new contexts. We see him mauling an innocent set of stairs as the titular 101 make their escape up them and there's a brilliant scene in which the group is on top of a squadron of fighter jets as the boss starts to pummel them out of the sky. We've seen those same planes during our previous encounters with him, so we're assuming that it happens at some point after our demo ended.

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It's the previously unseen monsters that really catch the eye, though. Between the pearly, robotic hydra and huge, cutlass-wielding cyborg-lizard-monkey, Lambo, there's certainly no shortage of huge feet to get crushed underneath. Even more excitingly, these two bosses are part of the same titanic fight. The trailer returns to each one time and again and in the process walks us through a battle that takes place across the whole of Blossom City (which is looking lovelier every time we see it: there's a more futuristic aesthetic to its centre than the leafy suburbia we'd fought through previously).

The hydra chows down on the city's Statue of Liberty stand-in and flies off, leading to an explosive chase on an enormous ship-plane hybrid (controlled by turning a galleon wheel). The group then leaps off to land on a building that is somehow disintegrated, falls through the sky on chunks of rubble, gets attacked by the hydra while still falling, ends up on the hydra's back, fights its heads, fights Lambo on its back and then ends up on a baseball field to fight Lambo some more. Phew.

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  1. smikey666 Sunday 31st Mar 2013 at 14:26

    I can't wait to own this it's number 2 on my list of most wanted after pikmin 3 if only these games get a confirmed release date! something a bit more confirmed than pikmin 3 "launch window" unless they were talking about ps4 launch window! loving lego city right now though!

  2. Not_Yeti Sunday 31st Mar 2013 at 16:29

    The dialogue reminds me of Kid Icarus: Uprising. Just me? and my dad?

  3. Mr Roboto Sunday 31st Mar 2013 at 18:08

    I think this is a great alternative to Pikmin 3.

  4. fatherofthenoo Sunday 31st Mar 2013 at 20:47

    Looks amazing. I am certainly looking forward to Platinum's offerings... more than Nintendo's Wii U stuff right now lol. I can give or take Pikmin 3, but Bayonetta 2 from Platinum, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem from Atlus and "Xenoblade 2" from Monolith... gimme gimme gimme!

    Is anybody else playing Luigi's Mansion 2 right now? It's bloody good isn't it! And that demo of Fire Emblem has me gasping for more. We just a bit more of that first party magic on Wii U is all. I bet they have loads to reveal for it at E3 though. Come on June!

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