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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Wii U confirmed

Sam Fisher arrives on Nintendo's new console in August

Splinter Cell: Blacklist has been confirmed for Wii U. With a UK release date set for 23 August, it's the first Splinter Cell game to be released on a Nintendo home console since the 2006 GameCube title Double Agent.

Splinter Cell Blacklist is a stealth action game which sees you playing as special operative and 4th Echelon leader Sam Fisher who is charged with thwarting a new global terrorist initiative.

We're told that the Wii U version will make full use of the GamePad with players using the controller to operate innovative gadgets, take out enemies, move through the environment, and intuitively switch between weapons.

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Are you looking forward to Splinter Cell: Blacklist?


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  1. Zynt_Mcflint Wednesday 10th Apr 2013 at 12:51

    It's great to see that there's still some third party support for the Wii U. It's a shame that EA don't seem too confident in the system yet, but Ubi Soft are still wanting to bring big games to the system. Let's hope that more third parties want to bring games to the Wii U in the future.

  2. lminett Wednesday 10th Apr 2013 at 12:54

    This is great news! I really hoped they'd bring this to the wii u

  3. Grant Jones Wednesday 10th Apr 2013 at 15:51

    I thought Double Agent was also on Wii? Regardless, this game should be immense, I've always preferred Splinter Cell to Metal Gear.

  4. Xenobladeperson Wednesday 10th Apr 2013 at 16:09

    I was thinking about getting this, but I'll wait and see some reviews before I make a decision.

  5. Callum Hurley Wednesday 10th Apr 2013 at 19:28

    Double Agent was also on Wii. You'd think YOU guys would know that :L Personally, Metal Gear is better in my opinion, but I love Splinter Cell too, so this is good news :)

  6. bigterence Thursday 11th Apr 2013 at 07:05

    This game would appear to be the perfect fit for the gamepad,Should raise gameplay to new levels for the genre.

  7. MarioBond007 Thursday 11th Apr 2013 at 11:24

    Double Agent got released on Wii as well

  8. GiftedGimp Thursday 11th Apr 2013 at 13:45

    See Who need 'The Two Time- Americas worst Company Winner- EA'
    Ubisoft, and a few others see there's more to gaming than how many dollars the console manufacturers can slip into your back pocket.

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