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Pokemon X and Y: 9 questions that still need to be answered

What type is Sylveon, how are Xerneas and Yveltal linked and more. Do you have any answers?

What we've seen of Pokemon X and Y has left us with more questions than answers. The very first Pokemon X and Y trailer hinted at some new features without confirming them, then we had the appearance of Sylveon, a new Eevee evolution without a Type and then Awakened Mewtwo showed up.

At least we know the identity of the new Mewtwo (it's a new forme) but there are still many questions we'll be trying to find the answers to as we build up to the release of Pokemon X and Y. There is still a long way to go until October but we really are being drip-fed information. It was announced in January but only seven new Pokemon have been revealed and two of them have strong links with the past. Which is where we'll begin.

1. What type is Sylveon?

It is a question that has been asked ever since Sylveon was revealed. We know that it's an Eevee evolution but that's about it. Okay, we know that it weighs 23.5kg, making it the lightest Eevee evolution but that's not information we need to know. We just want to know what Type it is.

Well, we can begin by ruling some out. Eevee and its evolutions all have different types and Normal, Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass and Ice have all be taken. So that leaves Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel and Dragon. Oh, and ???.

Well, ??? Type would be apt seeing as we don't know what it is but it was removed for Generation V (Pokemon Black and White and Black and White 2) as the Curse move was deployed by Ghost Types.

All Eevee evolutions are also single Pure Types and judging on appearance Sylveon doesn't look like a Fighting, Poison, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel or Dragon Pokemon. There are dual Fighting Types who stand on four legs and have the look of Sylveon (we're thinking Keldeo) but like we said, there aren't any dual type Eevee evolutions.

So that leaves Flying. There is only one Pure Flying Type in Tornadus. Could Sylveon be the second? The lack of wings could hold it back but those ribbons look like they're flapping in the latest Pokemon movie trailers. I've also seen a theory suggesting that the name Sylveon is derived from the word Sylph, which is the name for an elemental spirit creature that controls the air and wind.

Or could it be a new type? Perhaps Game Freak is saving the announcement of a new 18th Type for another day. It would seem odd to keep the type a secret and then just announce that it's a Flying type.

So what could the new Type be? There has been suggestions that it could be a new Light Type Pokemon. Light Type Pokemon have appeared in the Pokemon Trading Card game and are the opposite of Dark Types. Light Eeveelutions even appeared in the Neo Destinies expansion pack, including Light Flareon, Light Jolteon and Light Vaporeon. Sylveon is the lightest Eeveelution so it's easy to see where people are going with that one.

Other 'new Type' rumours that have spread around the internet have included Fairy Pokemon and Sound Pokemon. Interestingly Fairy is already one of 15 Egg Groups which determine which Pokemon are able to interbreed. Fairy Egg Group includes many cute, pink Pokemon like Clefairy, Jigglypuff and Blissey. Sylveon is pink...

The only fact is that no one knows what Type Sylveon is but it's fun trying to work it out. What do you think it is?

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