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ONM plays two new Rayman Legends levels

See The Deadly Lights and A Madman's Creation here first!

What you'll see below are exclusive full playthroughs of two new levels from Rayman Legends - The Deadly Lights and A Madman's Creation. You'll see that they're a sort of co-op stealth-platforming stage and an astonishing boss fight.

What you won't see are the numerous times we died attempting them. Or all the shouting I did as Matthew didn't do what I told him when I was controlling Murfy. Or a horse. Sadly, there still don't seem to be horses in Rayman. Zero horses. For shame.

They're still amazing though. I mean, just look:


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  1. wesearp Thursday 30th May 2013 at 16:55

    Awesome! I can't wait to play this game properly. The Challenge App is OK, but the real levels look a lot of fun.

  2. goomba_guy Thursday 30th May 2013 at 17:07

    That boss battle was amazing! Haven't seen anything like it before, even in Origins! :D

  3. Buzzthebatgirl Thursday 30th May 2013 at 17:07

    The big question is are these exclusive playthroughs or the Ubisoft definition of "exclusive" levels?

  4. yoshiprotocol Thursday 30th May 2013 at 19:09

    Sadly, there still don't seem to be horses in Rayman. Zero horses. For shame.

    If Ubisoft said that, it means there will be horses. And they won't be exclusive.

  5. Waldy565 Friday 31st May 2013 at 10:44

    Oh, that last video at the end was amazing. I'll give credit where credit's due - this is shaping up to be an awesome platformer. I just won't be buying it. I'll stick with Mario, Luigi and the Toads thanks (and occasionally the Princess). I wasn't too impressed with the challenge app, and maybe it's me, but I defo prefer Mario's tight, pixel-perfect romps. Rayman feels organic, but loose. You do one jump, you expect to gain 2 secs of airtime, then gravity pulls you back down. With Raymans romps, it feels as if gravities effects have been halved, making for floaty physics. However, I will still be supporting Ubisoft - with Watch Dogs. I hope some slapstick, tongue-in-cheek humor makes into that game. Ubi really do need to make a game where the main focus of the game is humor. Maybe something like Game and Wario. And no, don't bring out the Rabbids again. They've had there shot.

  6. PT PRANA Saturday 1st Jun 2013 at 19:38

    Is there any chance of Ubisoft adding these demos to the Challenges App??

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