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Retro: It was hard to choose between Metroid and Donkey Kong...

"We had unfinished business with DK," says Retro CEO

Retro's new Wii U game is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze but the company's Michael Kelbaugh has said that deciding whether to make a Metroid game or a Donkey Kong game was a tricky decision.

Speaking at Nintendo's software showcase, Retro's president and CEO said that Retro had unfinished business with Donkey Kong after Donkey Kong Country Returns.

What do you think? Do you like the look of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze or would you have liked Retro to make a Metroid game?

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30 comments so far...
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  1. peteflea Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:24

    I really wanted a glorious HD Metroid game :(

  2. CamWFC91 Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:24

    And I am heartbroken by their decision

  3. PowerToMii Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:24

    I would really have preferred a Metroid game, but DK is good...

  4. Chewie Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:25

    So this implies they had a choice, and they went with DKC over Metroid? Seriously?

  5. The_BAAD_Man Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:28

    I think Metroid first and Donkey Kong later would have made more sense. Donkey Kong Country Returns was only recently updated for 3DS, so it feels like a lot of DK in a short period of time. I've no doubt the game will be great, but I think Metroid may have been better at this time.

  6. Yell-Darb Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:33

    Can't wait for this game. But as a 6'4" 303lb Viking, I ain't to happy about bopping my fellow Norse on the head as an ape!!! Arrrrr From from Crossen man! :D

  7. OkaMilan Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:35

    Would've been more excited for Metroid, but Donkey Kong Country is great so I shouldn't complain

  8. DragonEleven Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:36

    There is always the possibility that they could have been working on both DK and Metroid at the same time, and they just decided to release this one first... if so I'd be glad that they got this out of the way so that they can focus on doing a proper job on Metroid.

  9. linkvswario Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:39

    Hard decision? Between essentially making Donkey Kong Country Returns HD and making a brand new game.

    Nintendo need to bring something fresh to the series rather than just recycling the goods.

  10. TheSlenderman Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:42

    I really like the look of this. However, i am a little upset that it isn't metroid. But on the bright side, this means that it is almost guaranteed that their next game will be metroid/star fox, which will be great! :D

  11. linkmarth29 Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:43

    I was literally crying because of no Metroid :cry:

  12. paperluigi Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:44

    I like DKC more. Is that wrong?

  13. Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:45

    Good for them for sticking to a project and finishing it. There's plenty of time for them to work on a new Metroid title. Unless the world is ending and no one has told me...

  14. debris Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:50

    Well I guess that comment puts paid to any other surprise reveals at E3, don't get me wrong I love DK but the WiiU really could of done with something stunning in the looks department to show it off and get gamers on board.

  15. samus_killer Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 18:52

    As much as I personally wanted a new Metroid game from Retro, people really shouldn't act so surprised. I mean, DKCR sold about 5 million copies, compared to Prime 3's sales which sold just over 1 million.

    I'm sure that their decision to do another DK game wasn't based solely on sales, but I'm sure it was more than an inventive.

  16. fluggy2003 Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 19:19

    Its a bloody no-brainer!! I never liked the Country games even going back to the SNES. Donkey Kong on Wii U looks pretty much like the Wii version!! Think they were playing it safe!! Such a disappointment. We don't want/need another DK game, what with the Wii remake (really!!???, why??.) just coming to 3DS this month. Wii U needs a system seller - something to give the early adopters a bit of hope and vindication .... DKC DOESNT come anywhere close to doing that!!! SHAME!

  17. Xenobladeperson Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 19:34

    It seems like a fairly easy decision.

  18. ThePokekid78 Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 19:42

    I'm not angered by this, just...disappointed. I feel like Retro have let us down today. Of course, Metroid Prime was the game I was holding out for, but a new Star Fox/F-Zero would have been pretty sweet, too.

    Retro's announcement was the thing I was most looking forward to today, as no-one knew what it was, which made it all the more exciting, but when it turned out to be DKC, it just seemed so anti-climactic...

    So, I still haven't been sold on getting a Wii U yet. Oh well, I've no shortage of Wii games to be completing over the summer.

  19. Gorf east Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 19:56

    I admit I was a bit gutted that we did not get HD Metroid. However on reflection it makes sense the Wii U has only been out several months. We are getting Mario, Smash Bros, MK8, Zelda remake etc. Next year we will want big games and then hopefully Metroid, Starfox and Fzero can show up. Retro better use their extra time to make something amazing.

  20. Norbert Langerak Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 20:00

    First of all I want to appologize for my reaction. Secondly, my reaction when I realised that there wasn't going to be a new Metroid at this E3: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RETRO WHY, OH WHY :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Now that that is of my chest, I want to clarify my reaction. The last months there were only two game I wanted, and with one of them I would be thrilled. The two games were F-Zero and Metroid. I wasn't counting on F-Zero, but since the last game Retro made was DK I was expecting Metroid, especially since the Wii U needs hardcore games. DK is a platformer and that is about the only genre the Wii U has 'enough' games from. It has New Super Mario Bros U and in the near future Rayman Legends and the new 3d Mario. The U needs hardcore games and even though DKC is a hard game, you can't really describe it as hardcore. I was so much looking forward to seeing the first images of a HD Metroid. I didn't care if the direct would be for 3/4 of the length about Wii Fit U and the likes, as long as they would announce Metroid. But they didn't, the only new game they announced was a game which has recently got a 3DS release. Retro, I can never hate you because the Metroid Prime games were awesome, but I am disappointed that you played safe this time. I can only hope that another developer is making a new Metroid game as we speak, or that Retro will work as hard as they can and make a Metroid for begin 2015.

  21. atlandis Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 20:15

    Retro should check wii Us library and take decision after. How many people may buy a next gen console only for platforming.

    Mario bros
    Mario 3d
    Sonic Lost worlds
    donkey kong
    All these platformers are amazing, but it is gameswe find on 3DS first(donkey kong is already sold in 3ds).. wii U is a desktop console, u can't feed it only platforms or 3ds games, the wii U should feed 3ds instead! The wii U is the master platform. Anyway.. It was a good show, but I hope Nintendo show us more in the feature.
    So I would suggest nintendo to invest in new projects and style of games that wii U lucks..
    Open world /action / RPG
    Total new ips
    strategy (pikmin style games are ideal for me, so I love them)
    Action / adventures

    I would really love to see Nintendo, to go near CDPR (cd projekt) and bring on wii U " The Witcher 3" and "cybepunk" or at least I hope CDPR will bring it on wii U .. The problem with this studio is that they hate programming in IBM.. (they sound stu#$#d when they say that)

    I also like Murdered (by Square enix)

  22. SketchSpirit Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 20:36

    Don't be so stingy. They'll have Donkey Kong out of the way and then they can get to work on a new Metroid. Just chill your beans.

  23. atlandis Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 20:42

    Don't be so stingy. They'll have Donkey Kong out of the way and then they can get to work on a new Metroid. Just chill your beans.

    It gave me the impression that they did nothing. Something happened and they needed a tittle to present fast.

    So 3ds game was ready, they remastered it and that was it "Donkey Kong U".. It gives that impression, because till to date we've seen many games remastered from the 3ds... It sounds cheeky that for 2-3-4 years retro made a big entry with 1 platformer.. They could saw us a second one to... to feel the gaps.

    I have to say X from Monolith is AMAZING... Well done monolith.. :) Also wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 is a must buy for me... Mario kart 8 and Mario 3d amazing games also.

  24. Jarmez Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 20:43

    Looks like they made the wrong decision then. Metroid could've taken the WiiU to its limits and showcased what the WiiU could do graphically and visually, and also add variety to the titles list. DK on the other hand just adds another platformer to the list =/

  25. Layton link Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 20:54

    To be honest I was kinda done with DK at this point..I mean DK county returns was great,but this..looks basically the same bu with fancy camera angles and Dixie..and Iam glad Dixies back..but do I care enough? No I dont.

  26. jamez62982 Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 20:55

    As much as I loved DKC Returns, I was hugely disappointed by Retro's new game... I was hoping for a Starfox or Metroid. :( On the contrary, new X trailer blew me away! :shock:

  27. Hellkaiserryo12 Tuesday 11th Jun 2013 at 22:14

    I suppose I dont mind as long as Retro is doing what they want. I dont mind waiting longer for a new Metroid game, as long as the end result is great thats all that matters. Maybe it will give me more time to gather some money to buy the console.

  28. Hams96 Wednesday 12th Jun 2013 at 04:28

    What's this Retro? A game that everyone wanted? Which isn't a Metroid game? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU??!!!!!!!!!

  29. Bootler Wednesday 12th Jun 2013 at 06:39

    Why complain about Retro making a new DKC but insist they should have made Metroid instead? Didn't they make three Metroids already? I'm perfectly fine with them taking another go at DKC. Plus, they're bringing in David Wise to do the music. Victory is assured!

  30. imbusydoctorwho Wednesday 12th Jun 2013 at 12:15

    Long as we get a Metroid on Wii U one day,I don't care.

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