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Mind-blowing Mario, Zelda and Pokemon fan theories

Have some fans put a bit too much thought into their favourite games?!

Is Mario a plumber or an actor?

A popular theory is that the events of Super Mario Bros 3 were actually nothing more than a stage show. The title sequence of the game shows curtains opening on what appears to be a stage, and many of the platforms and background objects in some of the levels appear to be screwed on to some sort of backdrop, or suspended by ropes from the ceiling. Each level finishes with Mario going off into the darkness, almost as if he's walking off stage.

It's certainly an interesting theory and it got many people to question just how much of the Mario series actually 'happens', leading to the theory that, in fact, the Mario series is nothing more than a collection of TV or theatre shows within a game.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, even Toad, are just actors. It actually makes more sense than you may give it credit for, because let us not forget that levels are often called 'episodes' - in Super Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine, for example.

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The western version of Super Mario Bros 2 is like one of those really predictable films like Click, where some crazy stuff happens to Adam Sandler but it's all okay by the end because it was just a dream (or was it? Gasp!).

Mario Party is an elaborate celebrity game or reality TV show, sort of like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, only set in the Mushroom Kingdom and with a much-welcome lack of Kerry Katona.

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Super Mario Sunshine is one of those special episodes where the characters get up to shenanigans abroad, like the Friends episode where they all go to Barbados, or that one time Roy Cropper from Corrie goes to Romania for some reason.

The Mario Bros, then. Plumbers? Heroes? Or the greatest actors who ever lived?

That's all from me. What are your favourite fan theories? Do you have any of your own?

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