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Nintendo's greatest comebacks

From F-Zero X to Pikmin 3, Nintendo like to keep us waiting

Why did it seem like we'd been waiting longer for Pikmin 3 than for any other Nintendo game. Probably because Miyamoto started talking about the next game in his sweet strategy series back in 2007 when he suggested that his creatures would be perfect for Wii. Six years and a new console later and Pikmin 3 has arrived.

Yet, we've had to wait for longer for some Nintendo heroes to return. It's amazing that games such as Call Of Duty and Assassin's Creed are released every year but a five year wait between 3D Mario games is considered normal.

In fact, that's where we'll start as we chart Nintendo's greatest comebacks.

5 Years: Super Mario Galaxy

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It used to be the case that Nintendo fans would only get one main Mario platformer per generation. So we had Super Mario World for SNES in 1992 (UK date) which was followed up five years later by Super Mario 64 on N64 and then we had to wait five years for Super Mario Sunshine.

Mario 64 was an incredible transformation. Suddenly we had a feeling of freedom as we bounced around outside Peach's Castle going Wahoo. Once inside, you would get to know every corner of the castle as if it were your own home in an experience unlike any other.

It was so hard to top Mario 64 and Nintendo tried by sending Mario and Peach off for an island retreat in Super Mario Sunshine. It was another excellent 3D Mario platformer but one that couldn't match the impact of Mario 64.

We'd have to wait another five years for Nintendo to finally come up with a game that was better than Mario 64. The mindblowing Super Mario Galaxy. Sending Mario into space seemed like a (triple) leap too far but these galaxies were packed with incredible ideas and your journey was accompanied by stunning orchestral music.

Thankfully we didn't have to wait quite as long for a sequel...

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