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Yeah! It's Miiverse Monday!

The best posts of the week

At last! After a barren few weeks, we have some actual Miiverse news to share. We also have the latest new communities, some Miiverse art (good and bad!) and some amazing Art Academy sketches. It's all in the latest Miiverse Monday.

Miiverse News

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Many of you will already know about this but the ability to post in activity feeds is very welcome. With the amount of new communities popping up every week, this makes it far easier to join in conversations as you no longer have to enter a community to post. It also makes it a bit more like Twitter (only with more characters) which is no bad thing.

In other news, the Art Academy Sketchpad Community has been moved from Wii U Games to Other while the thumbnails for screenshots attached to posts in the web version of Miiverse has increased.

New Communities

Toki Tori 2 +

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Toki Tori 2 has returned. An updated version - Toki Tori 2+ - has been released via the Wii U eShop and features a number of improvements. Martijn from Two Tribes stopped by to explain them all on the Community and revealed that you'll be able to save 40% off the normal price for one week only. The game now boasts a new song which shows your location on the world map, an in-level warp system to reduce backtracking, additional and remixed puzzles, more scenes that support the story and a complete graphical overhaul.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara

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Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara is the second Capcom retro remake to appear on the Wii U eShop in two months. A brief glance through the comments tells us that those who have downloaded the game are enjoying it. A user called Miksu said: "I really like the vibe of this game. Simple but entertaining."

Chris wrote: "Awesome to see these classics finally arrive on Wii U. Two of the finest side scrolling brawlers ever made in my opinion. Wish this genre never died out."

Finally, Adam posted: "A great classic arcade side scroller beat em up! Newly added bonus challenges and unlockables keep the game interesting. Please Nintendo, bring us more revamped/remastered classics."

Super Mario Bros.

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Nintendo released Super Mario Bros for the 486th time in the last week. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but some of you don't mind. Mitch posted: "The king of classics has arrived."

Matti agrees, writing: "Classic Mario action. I played SMB to death on my NES back in the 90s and it's still as fun to play today. One of those few perfect games that everyone should play at least once in their lifetime."

But Flash isn't happy, posting: "Please Nintendo, stop re-releasing the same games over and over again. This is like the 20th time this game got a re-release in just 10 years. Bring out something new already, so many good N64 games."

Best posts of the week

Here are the best posts of the week on Miiverse. We say best. Be warned: This does feature some pretty hilariously bad pictures of Batman and Rayman. And that's coming from someone who can't draw. As ever, click on the first picture to scroll through all the pictures.


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  1. Mariostar222 Monday 16th Sep 2013 at 17:00

    whoo,year miiverse monday!shame wiiu is to much to pay for,wish I had one.... :shock:

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