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Pokemon X and Y: New Doublade screenshots

Find out more about the new Pokemon

We have some more information and fresh screenshots for Doublade, the new Pokemon which was revealed for Pokemon X and Y this week.

Doublade (who else wants to call it Duoblade?) is the evolution of Honedge and, as you can see, it has gained an extra sword upon evolving. These two swords communicate with each other telepathically and carry out complicated attacks.

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The screenshots show Doublade's Fighting type Sacred Sword move which is not affected by stat changes on the target Pokemon. In this case its target is Pyroar.

Doublade is 2'07" tall and weighs 9.9lbs. Wonder if it will get three blades if it evolves again.


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  1. Luke Ario Friday 27th Sep 2013 at 09:36


    I honestly think that Honedge shouldn't have had any evolutions, because I have really gone off it now.

  2. StriderHedgehog Friday 27th Sep 2013 at 09:41

    It's a fairly interesting Pokémon, I'll give it that. Just a little sad to see that Sacred Sword's no longer exclusive to the Four Sword legendaries (Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo).

  3. E123-Fawful Friday 27th Sep 2013 at 13:54

    It makes sense for it to have Sword related moves so Sacred Sword isn't a massive surprise but as Strider said disappointing that only Keldeo has a Signature Move out of the Muskedeers.

  4. Time-Bomb Friday 27th Sep 2013 at 15:04

    I wouldn't be surprised if this evolves once more, into a Pokemon with a bigger shield behind it and fancier swords or something.

    Whenever a new pokemon is revealed, I try to imagine how it'll appear and be portrayed in the anime (I haven't even watched the anime since Johto but still..). I'm really struggling with this one! It doesn't really feel like a Pokemon! Imagine it in the anime fighting Pikachu... It can't really attack pikachu physically because the swords seem a bit violent. If pickachu used tackle or whatever, what does it strike? The shield thing on the back? What about honedge? It just doesn't seem to work! And don't even get me started on when the trainer loses against pikachu and he goes to console Doublade by hugging it or whatever! It can't be done!

    I don't even fully understand where the Pokemon ends and his tools begin? Is honedge just a haunted sheath/scabbard thing? But then the eye and hand are on the sword? So he's just the sword? But he's both swords and an inanimate shield when he's doublade? My head hurts...

    Maybe I'm just getting to old to contemplate the idea of magic monsters but this one is really odd to me! :lol:

  5. CraigEmberson Saturday 28th Sep 2013 at 02:22

    I think it should have been called "Duedge" or something. I don't mind it's design but I wish it had more facial features because it isn't clear what they're aiming for here. This was my issue with Klink, Klang and Klinklang but at least that had a face to start with.

  6. Haru Waji Sunday 29th Sep 2013 at 17:27

    Personally I love this design. Being a Sword fanatic, I'm pretty sold on it.

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