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Pokemon X and Y's two new Pokemon officially revealed - Slurpuff and Aromatisse screenshots and artwork

What do you think of them?

The two new Pokemon X and Y Pokemon who were revealed in Japanese magazine Ciao have been officially unveiled by the Pokemon Company. Called Slurpuff and Aromatisse, they are evolutions of Swirlix and Spritzee.

Slurpuff, like Swirlix, is a Fairy-type Pokemon. The Meringue Pokemon (Swirlix is Cotton Candy) has an unbelievable sense of smell which is a hundred million times more sensitive than that of humans. With its highly attuned senses, it can distinguish the faintest of odours. Since it's particularly good at distinguishing sweet smells, some Slurpuff work to assist pastry chefs. Like Swirlix, it has the ability Sweet Veil. The Pokemon Company hasn't revealed any information about its moves but we know it's 2' 07" tall and weighs 11.0 lbs.

We don't know anything about Aromatisse's moves either. The evolved form of Spritzee, can give off a variety of different smells, from a pleasant fragrance to an odour so repugnant to its opponent that it can turn a battle in its favour. Presumably, then, it would defeat Slurpuff in battle!

The Fragrance Pokemon (Spritzee is the Perfume Pokemon) is a pure Fairy type. It has the ability Healer, is 2' 07" tall and weighs 34.2 lbs.

What do you think of these new Pokemon?


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  1. Komodo_Wolfgang Friday 4th Oct 2013 at 12:24


  2. DMcAZelda Friday 4th Oct 2013 at 17:57

    These two made me laugh when i first saw them! especially Slurpuff- it just looks so funny. am looking forward to having it on my team. :D

  3. JaeWeigner23 Monday 7th Oct 2013 at 02:52

    Wow! They're both so cute.. but I like the most is slurpuff..

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