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The future Of Pokemon: What lies beyond Pokemon X and Y?

Pokemon week: From Pokemon Origins to that mystery Pokemon game, what's next for the franchise?

With Pokemon X and Y set for release this week, it's an exciting time to be a Pokemon fan. Not only are these adventures the first proper 3D main-series titles, but they also bring a brand new generation of Pokemon, the new Fairy-type, competitive gameplay tweaks, Mega Evolution and a lot, lot more. To say the sixth generation is a big deal would be an understatement.

But for the biggest Pokemon fanatics out there, X and Y won't be enough to satisfy their Snorlax-like appetite for everything Pocket Monsters. If you're the sort of person who doesn't imagine an scholar with a magnificent beard upon hearing the word evolution, you'll be pleased to learn that there's plenty of other Pokemon-related goodness on the horizon. Truly, the adventure in the Kalos region is only just the beginning. First up, here's a quick look at some of the stuff that's confirmed to be coming soon...

Pokemon Origins

Fans around the world have been following the adventures of the perpetually 10-year-old Ash and his Pikachu for the best part of 15 years, from leaving Pallet town, fresh-faced and bright-eyed, to their time in Unova, erm, still looking fresh-faced and bright-eyed.

For many of us, the anime series played a very large role in our childhood and there are many fond memories to be recalled. Remember that island full of pink Pokemon? Remember being confused when Ash was eating something that clearly wasn't a doughnut but everyone was calling it a doughnut? Remember going to the cinema to watch the first film about Mewtwo and getting a free Pokemon card? Ah, those were the days!

There is, however, one particular aspect of the anime that's often been the source of disappointment for fans throughout its history, and that is the fact it is a very loose adaptation of the source material. The anime very much plays by its own rules. Pokemon can refuse to evolve, they can be ordered to simply dodge moves, TMs don't exist, certain locations and characters are drastically different to their game counterparts and so on.

It's not necessarily a bad thing because an adaptation by definition is to make changes to suit a new environment, but it's just that many fans hold the game canon in high regard and want that to be transferred to the screen more accurately.

Unexpectedly, their call was finally answered. Pokemon Origins is a brand new spin-off anime series which promises to be truer to the games than the main anime series. The four-part special will retell the story of Pokemon Red and Blue and feature Red, the protagonist from the Generation I games, rather than Ash. Other characters like Professor Oak, Brock, Lance and Red's rival, Green (also known as Blue) will also appear, portrayed much more like their game counterparts. It also appears to feature turn-based battles, as well has having a distinct anime style.

Check out the trailer if you haven't already! It opens with the classic Red and Blue theme tune and you just know from that moment this is going to be something special. The first part of Pokemon Origins will be broadcast internationally on the Pokémon TV website on the 15th of November.

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  1. TH3_CH0SEN_1 Wednesday 9th Oct 2013 at 14:13

    i would like to see DLC regions in the future. where players can buy there favorite past region maps then collect the badges and some different pokemon from that region. using X and Y for example after beating the elite 4 you can buy add on maps, so if you was to buy all the maps you could collect up to 48 badges in total and instead of starting the gyms and wild pokemon off at weak levels make them all around level 50 and and that you can catch the legendaries for that region and possibly be able to pick one of the starters from that region to. abit like in pokemon gold and silver, after you beat the elite 4 you could go back to kanto and collect the past 8 badges, but this time you buy the maps and play them to there original game story line and not watered down

  2. FoxMcCloud Thursday 10th Oct 2013 at 11:09

    DLC packs would be the best thing ever! :-)

    Unfortunately, it'll never happen. Nintendo / Gamefreak would rather release remakes and charge us full price! :-(

    I would really like 2 regions per game. 16 badges and revisiting Kanto is what makes Gold/Silver still the definitive / best Pokémon games! :-)

    I remember playing Ruby for the first time expecting after Elite 4 to be able to go back to Johto and Kanto...I was so disappointed when I found out you couldn't leave Hoenn! :-(

  3. James McNevin Friday 11th Oct 2013 at 09:38

    I have no idea about what the immediate future of the Pokemon franchise is going to be. I have a couple of loose theories though.

    There's obviously going to be a Pokemon Z. X,Y,Z are the axis of 3D, first 3D Pokemon game. Yeah, its going to happen. Zygarde has been released too which solidifies the existence of Pokemon Z.

    A quick note on Zygarde, Ground/Dragon leaves it weak to Xerneas and it can't hit Yveltal. It is a little odd that the third Legendary, who is usually the 'master' of the other two, has glaring weaknesses to its peers. Thats why I'm sure in Pokemon Z we'll get two new forms for Zygarde that specifically deal with its underlings.

    Pokemon Snap; I just can't see it happening to be honest..

    I'm hoping that HD Pokemon game is going to be a new Colosseum or Battle Revolution game for the Wii U. I believe that the use of Lucario and Blaziken in the reveal is just coincidental and I don't think it's going to be a Street Fighter/Tekken/DOA-type game. I think they were used because at the time of the reveal they were two of the few Mega Evolutions that had been shown.

    Many people are noticing that there is definitely a focus on Kanto Pokemon, and this is solidified by giving us the Kanto starters. I personally believe that this is Pokemon's way of saying goodbye to the Kanto Pokemon. I'm seriously thinking we won't be seeing much from them after Gen6. And to be perfectly honest I'm okay with that.

    Pokemon has to move on somehow. It can't keep harking back to creatures that were created over ten years ago. The 3DS can give it the clean slate that it really deserves. And with the regions daring to tread outside of Japan-based locations over the last couple of generations, we could probably expect games set in the Pokemon equivalents of England, Italy, or more US locations. Can you imagine walking your Pokemon over the Tower Bridge in London? Or do battle on Venetian walkways that overlook canals that are teaming with Water Pokemon? Maybe you'd like to visit the Grand Canyon or wander the bustling streets of a Pokemon Las Vegas?

    I can imagine that when we've all grown old and have kids of our own, we can introduce them to Generation 10 or 11, and help them experience the memories we had as children, and relive it slightly through them. Then once their teams have grown strong enough, let them do battle against the teams that we've built over the course of our own Pokemon adventures. They might point to a Pokemon on your team, a large orange and yellow dragon sporting a flame on the tip of it's tail, wondering what Pokemon it is,

    "That? Oh, thats Charizard".

  4. Clarke Baldwin Friday 8th Nov 2013 at 13:58

    I hope that X and Y becomes the new hub for Pokemon. I would happily pay 10€ (or around that price) to unlock previous games in X and Y, allowing us to travel to each region and play through older games with the new graphical style.

    X and Y is very much a landmark in the Pokemon Universe, as we are now in full HD graphics, with 3D models, beautifully designed. It has perfect internet functionality, giving access to GTS and Wonder Trades, instant battles with ridiculous amounts of variations, and is a very clear new frontier in the games saga.

    Nintendo shouldn't be looking at new carts, instead look at giving us expansion packs for this game, for example:

    Pokemon X and Y: The Kanto Journey - Has you travelling to Kanto to challenge level appropriate Pokemon gyms from the classic Red and Blue games, meet Ash, Misty and Brock, Professor Oak, and all the old gang, and even thwarting Team Rocket again, with the chance of catching Mew again.

    Pokemon X and Y: Johto Tales - You take the international train to Johto, and get to relive the old memories of Gold, Silver and Crystal.

    All of this work well with the Global Link online, allowing you to gather your medals and unlock thousands of new possibilities.

    Nintendo, as always have a huge oppurtunity laid out infront of them (im looking at you as of yet non existant Pokemon MMo) but they never seem to go by popular opinion so this may remain a pipe dream. Who knows though :)

  5. Kyle Funderburk Monday 16th Dec 2013 at 17:45

    Because of the roles that the Generation 1 starters played in X and Y, I think whatever the follow up is (Pokemon X2/Y2 or Z) it will use the Gen 2 starters the same way. It'll probably include mega evolution's for Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr.

    By now, with the 3DS, I am certain that Ruby and Sapphire will get remakes within the next 2 years. I think we could see mega evolution's for Sceptile and Swampert to go along with Mega Blaziken.

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