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9 unsolved mysteries of Pokemon X and Y

There are some strange happenings in the Kalos region...

Pokemon X and Y have only been out for about a couple of weeks now, and while some people are only half-way through the story, others have already defeated the Elite Four or established a trading empire over the GTS and are well on their way to catching 'em all. But ask anyone, no matter how many hours they've put in the game, and they will likely agree that all is not what it seems in Kalos. Slowly but surely, fans are uncovering mystery after mystery, such as items with no clear purpose, doors that don't open and odd messages that don't make any sense.

In the past, such as with the Generation IV and V titles, people were able to look deep into the game files and discover everything there was to know, from simple key items to event Pokemon that had not been officially recognised by Nintendo. However, thanks to the 3DS's architecture, this just hasn't been possible in the same way this time around.

So, for the first time in an age, fans are completely in the dark about just how much X and Y have to offer. I for one love the unsolved mysteries, so it's an exciting time to be playing these games. Here are nine of the mysteries that fans are puzzled about. Be aware there are some mild spoilers.

1. Is there a hidden new region?

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This is by far the biggest mystery that has flummoxed the Pokemon community. There is a hotel in most towns in the Pokemon region and, if you head upstairs, you'll often meet a backpacker.. When you talk to him, he'll say: "The Kalos region is nice and all, but you should really check out my region! There's a facility that you wouldn't believe... Ah, never mind. You'll see it in due time".

There are some variations to this sentence if you visit him more than once. When I encountered him, he mentioned a town instead of a facility. At first, this seemed like a cheeky reference to another region we've seen before; after all, X and Y are absolutely full to the brim with references to past Pokemon games. The mention of a facility or town is just so vague that it could be referring to any of the previous five regions.

Only there's that last bit. You'll see it in due time? What could he mean by that? Well, one of the most highly requested Pokemon games at the moment is a remake of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. The Generation I and II games have both seen remakes on the Game Boy Advance and DS respectively, so it seems fitting for Game Freak to create a remake of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald for the 3DS. Using this logic, many fans have interpreted the backpacker's dialogue as a hint to a remake that will be released in the near future, thus being something we'll "see in due time."

In all fairness, that does make some sense, but unfortunately for all of those people craving said remakes, this theory has been disproven by the backpacker himself. You see, after speaking to this man a certain number of times, he'll throw a spanner in the works by saying: "Where is it, you ask? Well, I can tell you that it's not Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh or even Unova!"

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Cue the stunned silence. It's not a region from any of the previous main Pokemon games. It's potentially a brand new region, with towns and facilities "you'll never believe" and we'll see it in due time. Could Game Freak be outdoing themselves by making an entirely new region available as an event? Could Nintendo be planning DLC content for X and Y? Is Generation VII really not that far away? There are no answers, but I for one can't wait to find out.

If this wasn't mind-blowing enough, there's more. After he's told you that the region he's from is not one of the Pokemon regions we've explored in the past, he gives you a special item called the Strange Souvenir.

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Curiously, the item has 'x 1' next to it, meaning there could be more than one available. It is said to depict a venerated Pokemon which acts as a protector of a region far away from Kalos. I don't know about you, but the face you can see is unlike any Pokemon that we know about at this time, and this leads us into our next mystery...

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