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Producer: Bravely Default has "no need for improvements"

JRPG: Just a Really Perfect Game

We made no secret of how impressed we were with Square Enix's old-dog-new-tricks JRPG, giving it a Gold Award in ONM 103 - but one person seems to love Bravely Default more than we do. The game's producer, Tomoya Asano sat down with us for the new issue and had simply no truck with modesty.

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After explaining that one of our only complaints was the relatively limited world map, and asking whether it would be improved for the sequel, Asano made his position very clear:

"In terms of Bravely Default [...] we worked specifically on making improvements to it for almost a year after it was released in Japan, so we feel that there is really no need for any more improvements. In my opinion, if there more things you 'could' do with the map, for example, it might make some players feel that there were more things they 'must' do with it.

"In Bravely Default, we tried to eliminate all elements besides those which we wanted our players to enjoy, to streamline the experience."

It's pretty common to hear game creators reflecting on what they feel went wrong after the PR puff tours are over, so it's actually quite refreshing to hear Asano state so categorically that he loved the game he helped bring out. So much so, in fact, that he's even considered alternate universe cosplay options:

"If I were a pretty girl, I would want to dress up as the Valkyrie job type. Unfortunately, I will have to give up on that idea, since I'm a middle-aged man of 35!"

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You can read our full interview with Asano in the Mouthpiece section of Issue 104 of ONM

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