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Phoenix Wright creator felt the "series should not continue"

"I wanted to avoid dragging it out and having it become a shadow of its former self"

As part of in-depth interview with him in ONM 106, Phoenix Wright creator Shu Takumi revealed that after the character's third game, he had doubts about whether another should be made at all.

"I felt that Phoenix's story had been told, and that the series should not continue", the writer, whose most recent work is the fantastic Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, explained to us. "Knowing when to end a story is very important and I wanted to avoid dragging it out and having it become a shadow of its former self."

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Of course, his next appearance was at the stand rather than his usual bench in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, a move that Takumi was initially against: "Years later, when it was decided within Capcom that Ace Attorney 4 would go ahead, my position was that we should change the main character and tell a new story. I didn't plan to have Phoenix in the game, but my colleagues said they wanted him to appear in some form, which is why he ended up being the accused in the first case in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney."

The creator's previously expressed mixed feelings about Phoenix's return in the latest Ace Attorney (the first of the main series he didn't write), but after writing his new crossover, and committing to a new game in the series, it seems he's warming to the idea.


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  1. martynm Thursday 13th Mar 2014 at 12:19

    I kind of get why he fears about the series being run into the ground. I really hope that doesn't happen as Capcom have a good thing going with the franchise. Although I haven't read the article yet, I get the feeling that Takumi still cares about the franchise. That said, what i have played of Dual Destinies, I don't think he has anything to fear. I'll always love the original trilogy and so long as other games don't try to interfere with that particular 'saga' then then that's fine by me.

  2. Gargravarr Thursday 13th Mar 2014 at 14:49

    I don't think there's anything to fear just yet either. I might even go so far as to say that Dual Destinies could well be my favourite entry in the series so far.

  3. Pyron12 Thursday 13th Mar 2014 at 16:22

    No way, I like Apollo Justice! And we have Investigations as well as the crossover, so I don't see anything to fear. Please Capcom for the good of the series allow GK2 to be translated!

  4. linkenski Thursday 13th Mar 2014 at 19:03

    "I fear Phoenix Wright will end up being a shadow of his former self"

    Darn it, I keep rambling on and on about how the non-Takumi games are hurting the franchise, at least for me and my taste for games, but this phrase is perfect!

    I can't deny I enjoyed Dual Destinies but it was definitely not the best in the series. The writing - as in AAI, although not as bad at all - grew stagnant as the game progressed. Too many cheap jokes and silly gags that weren't all that sophisticated. The back-and-forth between the characters didn't feel as genuine as it used to before Apollo Justice (which is strange, considering Shu Takumi also wrote that game) but this is just exactly my thoughts as well: I want Phoenix Wright to end. I don't want him to become another Sonic The Hedgehog. I want to remember him for the amazing games he had and not the "just okay" ones or the "mediocre" or... well, the "bad" ones (uuugh just the thought of it!)

    I also hope PLvPWAA is better than Dual Destinies. I hope Shu Takumi made Phoenix and Maya act as they used to considering it's been so long since he wrote Trials and Tribulations.

    Anyhow, I'm super excited to see what he brings to the table with his "new and 'Totally different' AA project".

    As for the GK team... hopefully I can say "Good riddance" :twisted:

  5. WOLFENFTW Friday 14th Mar 2014 at 14:51

    I can understand why he felt that way but I'm glad they went ahead with Apollo Justice, it's my third favourite in the series, Dual Destinies wasn't as good but it was still an enjoyable game (then again it wasn't Takumi's script). Really glad Takumi wrote Layton v Wright and am really looking forward to whatever this new Ace Attorney project is.

  6. Version10 Friday 14th Mar 2014 at 19:20

    As someone currently playing through dual destinies, and for whom this is there first Ace Attorney game I have to say it is uttterly fantastic, a fantastic format of solving problems without going "here's a puzzle, now solve it" - dialogue, repeat :D

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