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Monopoly Review

The classic board game becomes a classic Wii title

No, we're not mad - EA's take of Monopoly on the Wii really does deserve a Gold Award.

It's not just that it does away with the need to spend ages unpacking the board, counting out the money and arguing over who gets to be the thimble. It's not that for only £10 more than a basic real Monopoly board, you're getting nine different boards and two very different ways to play. It's not even that it has a bundle of mini-games thrown in (all themed after Chance and Community Chest cards) that help break up the incredibly fun Richest mode. No, it's getting a Gold Award because on top of all this, it's just great fun.

It's ideal for families who want to play something together without the need for learning a whole new game and it's also a nigh-on perfect recreation of a classic iconic board game. Can board games really work on a console then? Mario Party might say no, but Monopoly more than proves otherwise.


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  1. Wiimanclive Monday 27th Oct 2008 at 17:32

    When is it in the shops ?

  2. jct Tuesday 28th Oct 2008 at 07:18

    It's in the shops now, if you look properly. (no sarcasm intended)

  3. Vortex099 Tuesday 28th Oct 2008 at 10:16

    NO! Seriously? I am gobsmacked!

  4. superewan Tuesday 28th Oct 2008 at 18:20

    what is the world coming too!!!

    seriousley though, im a big fan of monopoly so this may be on my christmas list...

  5. The Sandbag Tuesday 28th Oct 2008 at 23:09

    that review surprised me. really, it did, just like the review for quantum of solace will (hopefully)

  6. megamariogalaxy Wednesday 29th Oct 2008 at 17:23 91%...

  7. ACRID Thursday 30th Oct 2008 at 10:12

    huh? This has to be the surprise review of the year.
    Still, it's not gonna make people who wern't going to buy the game buy it.

  8. daddybobo Thursday 30th Oct 2008 at 19:38

    I like to collect Monopoly board games anyway so if this has 9 different boards I will be getting it.

  9. Anonymous Friday 31st Oct 2008 at 09:44

    huh? This has to be the surprise review of the year.
    Still, it's not gonna make people who wern't going to buy the game buy it.

    Yeah, I guess. Thing is though, if you're someone who a) has a Wii and b) was planning in any way, shape or form to get a Monopoly board this Christmas, then there's no excuse for not getting this. A basic Monopoly board is Ł15; one of the more advanced limited edition boards is Ł25. This game is Ł25 for NINE boards and two game modes... you can't get any better than that, really.

  10. Super_Sonic96 Saturday 1st Nov 2008 at 07:06

    I never play board games any more, so although it is good it doesn't appeal to me, but seriously when it got a goldaward I was like Wow!! (Emphasis on the Wow) :P

  11. gregus Saturday 1st Nov 2008 at 10:24

    If it;s better then mario party i might buy it!

  12. Mama Luigi Saturday 1st Nov 2008 at 14:49

    There's a better chance of me buying Dogz than this ever entering my game library.

  13. gamingprincess Saturday 8th Nov 2008 at 18:23

    I might buy this as me and my brother likes playing Monopoly :D

  14. starfox1994 Friday 28th Nov 2008 at 21:47

    I just owned my mum and a boy we have staying at our house for fostering at Simpsons Monopoly. (not on wii) I ended up wit $4922 :D

    I've asked for this for Christmas. It looks fun.
    I'd be surprised if one of the boards was Hull Monopoly. (I've played that as I am from Hull)

  15. wilrc6 Friday 2nd Jan 2009 at 21:52

    I bought this game after seeing the review and gold award.
    I got it in the sales for Ł15 so thought i'd give it a go.

    When I first put it on, I noticed it was really hard to see the board. Not sure if this is to do with the size of my TV and clarity but to be able to read the writing you would probably need a high definition large screen TV.
    Also after a while I noticed that when rolling the dice you could tell when you were gonna end up on the jail strip and when I passed GO would always end up on the TAX tab and paying it straight back. This happened a lot.
    Also I seem to have alot of problems with saving and resuming games. Dont know if anyone else does.

    This ruins it because it makes you think this is not random.

    Other than that I like it. Personally would give it 85%.

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