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Top Athletes Praise Wii Sports Resort

They love the accuracy of Wii MotionPlus

Wii Sports Resort is out in a little over a month's time, so Nintendo's been getting the thoughts of various sporting stars whose sports feature in the game.

Stars from the worlds of table tennis, kendo, golf, basketball and archery have all been praising the Wii MotionPlus accessory and the way it gives a great feeling of accuracy. Here are some of their comments:

Darius Knight, Table Tennis Professional

"I loved the control of the Wii MotionPlus in Wii Sports Resort - it meant I could map my movements precisely on screen. Every flick of my wrist was faithfully mirrored and I found myself having to hold the controller exactly as I would my racket to get the effect I wanted. It even reproduced a backhand with spin! I loved the challenge it presented and couldn't put it down until I'd mastered my sport in the virtual world!"

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Wesley Haeke, Kendo Champion

"When I played swordplay in Wii Sports Resort, I was surprised how realistic the Wii Motion Plus sensor made the game. I had to hold the controller exactly as I would a Shinai to get the precision I wanted, as well as holding stances such as jodan no kamae exactly as I would in a tournament to beat my opponent. Winning the game requires concentration, patience and precision, just as in real life."

Melissa Reid, Professional Golfer

"I expected precision from the Wii MotionPlus, but I didn't expect this! Every rotation through the body and the way I held the Wii controller was reflected in Wii Sports Resort. The option of three, nine or 18 holes was great as it meant I could do a quick-fire round or take my time; the graphics are really impressive too. Believe me - it wasn't easy hitting birdie and I certainly spent my fair share of time in the rough!"

Danilo Gallinari, Pro Basketball Player, New York Knicks

"The three-point basketball challenge in Wii Sports Resort was fantastic. The precision of the Wii MotionPlus meant I really had to focus to accurately shoot the hoops and with the clock ticking I definitely started to feel the pressure. The Wii MotionPlus demands precision and won't let you off with a limp-wristed slam dunk; you really need to give it your all!"

Gema Buitron, Archery Champion

"Seeing my sport reflected exactly on screen was amazing! I loved that the levels got progressively harder and that I needed to factor distance and wind speed into my shot. The precision was remarkable and I found I really had to concentrate to ensure I was scoring highly. I was particularly impressed with how the controller emulated an archery bow, with the Wii Remote acting as the bow and pulling the Nunchuck back like the string, to determine the strength of the shot."

So there you have it. Long story short, they love it. How about you though, are you planning on buying it? Comments below please!


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  1. Dan-the-Wii-man Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 10:50


  2. shadow.x Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 12:05

    cant wait!

  3. Ratchet14 Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 12:27

    Yes , I would buy it so long as it has more sports than what is already mentioned and motion plus works as well as they say

  4. NintendoWiiNath Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 13:20

    Awesome... im defo getting it and if its as amazing as they said it is then omg lol cant wait!

  5. The Batman Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 14:13

    ive already preordered mine with game. It only cost Ł40 with wii motion plus!!

  6. TomC_94 Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 16:52

    Wii News: Top Athletes Get Paid Lots of ŁŁŁ To Praise Wii Sports Resort

    Seriously, my mates Under 16s GB #1 at Archery (not that I like to boast :D ) and he hates the damn thing. Of course, he is also a really anti-Nintendo fandboy (not a particular fanboy of anything else, just he hates Nintendo). I asked him how we would improve it, he said "well, replace the Wiimote/WiiM+/Nunchuck with a bow pheriphal."
    "How would you improve it with just what you had there?"
    "Well, you couldn't, it's ----"
    He might come round... Probably won't...

  7. catscan93 Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 17:59

    Ill ask for it for my birthday in mid august, PLEASE NINTENDO, SUPPORT THIS AND ENCOURAGE DEVELOPERS TO USE IT.

  8. Jedi Metroid Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 18:45

    Sounds great. I'm looking forward to this, and I'll be pre-ordering it soon.

  9. Golden Knight Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 18:45

    The game and Wii motion Plus are actually looking really interesting now! :)

    Can't wait to get my hands on the game. (Does it have Wi-fi?)

  10. Buffoonary Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 18:46

    Looks brilliant already. Definitely getting this.

  11. ChrisONM Monday 22nd Jun 2009 at 20:21

    Seriously, my mates Under 16s GB #1 at Archery (not that I like to boast :D ) and he hates the damn thing.

    Has he played it though?

  12. King-X Tuesday 23rd Jun 2009 at 03:58

    I'm glad to see some professional sports confirmation that the events are faithful simulations. Maybe they'll act as a better way to virtually learn the sports this time!

  13. gils Tuesday 23rd Jun 2009 at 09:51

    cant wait to get it, but the atheletes have prob been paid ŁŁŁ to say its good, so iam going to take it with a pinch of salt!

    Hopefully the WM+ is going to be spot on in this game, if it is it will provide many hours of fun and banter for me, the missus and me mates... LETS JUST HOPE THERES MORE GOLF again :-D

  14. faceless_o8 Tuesday 23rd Jun 2009 at 16:40

    Oh Boi, thats wat came to my mind at first.
    "I really dont get it..."
    "Wow, i luv this thing!"

    But honestly, Nintendo's new peripheral looks set to dominate. I don't see why Ninty needs to pay people to be astounded by their innovation when we have been paying them to be astounded ourselves.(I have three bloomin' DSes)
    I have no boubt that the wii motion plus will fly off shelves with wii sports resort and please the paying population; just like the balance board. I'm getting it for sure!

    Don't dis nintendo for taking their positive feedback and using it to their advantage. Saying that the athletes were paid to say good things is a slap in Nintendo's face...

  15. nickjamespinks Tuesday 23rd Jun 2009 at 19:27

    :D yes yes yessssssss I can wait to get it. NINTENDO RULE :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  16. leomckitten Tuesday 23rd Jun 2009 at 20:41

    Nice... I've already pre-ordered from GAME.

    Seriously though, here's what really happened:

    Nintendo + lots of money being thrown around + top athletes = praise for Wii Sports by innocent people's idols + lots of sales = even more money for Nintendo... Dear god, they really are geniuses...

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