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  • The Legend of Zelda - A link to the past, present and future WiiU
    Posted by Alex Jones on 13th Apr 2014 at 08:00

    The Legend of Zelda - A link to the past, present and future

    The Legend of Zelda is, amongst many other superlative things, perhaps the most appropriately named gaming franchise of all. You know the tale, a young boy with equal measures of naivety and bravery, dons a green tunic and sets out on a quest to save a princess and her kingdom from impending doom. With E3 2014 on the horizon, coming as it does with the promise of a new entry, it seems an appropriate time to take a tour through the chapters which make up one of gaming's most consistently exceptional franchises, as well as taking time to think about what might come next.


  • 10 Z-list Nintendo characters wed like to see in Smash Bros. Multi
    Posted by Marc Zablotny on 12th Apr 2014 at 11:32

    10 Z-list Nintendo characters we'd like to see in Smash Bros.

    In a Nintendo world dominated by Mario, Link, Samus, Pikachu and Kirby, there's just not a lot of love going around for the company's obscure unsung heroes. Imagine - 4 or 5 years from now - Nintendo refuse to let this injustice persist any longer and proudly announce that the next instalment of their all-star brawler series...completely lacks all-stars. Super Smash Bros. 5 is all about giving the forgotten characters of Nintendo's past another 'well-deserved' shot in the limelight.


  • So alone - wheres Smash Bros single player? Multi
    Posted by Chris Rooke on 11th Apr 2014 at 09:02

    So alone - where's Smash Bros' single player?

    Beneath Sakurai's boyish charm and good looks, the plethora of new characters, and the many battles, there was one thing conspicuously missing from this week's Smash Bros. Direct: a single-player mode in either of the new games.