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The sonorously palindromic issue 111 is out right this second, sitting in your local newsagents and waiting tentatively, longingly for the attention of a human reader who will take it home and read it cover-to-cover. Even the captions. Especially the captions. You could be that reader.

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eShop games of the week: Master Reboot, Siesta Fiesta One's about sleeping, the other will make you scream like a dying goat.
We've been playing Master Reboot and now we keep having nightmares about being trapped in planes with glowy blue robot-face girls :( We've also been playing Siesta Fiesta, which makes us have nightmares about people using our sleeping bodies as ammunition in a game of Breakout. We can't win!

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Pokémon Art Academy: before and after Marti Bennett revisits past art in a quest for picturesque Pokemon.
At a young age my obsession with Pokémon went far beyond the videogames. When Pokémon was the biggest craze at school, I would put them in my work at every given opportunity. Making up stories in English I would put Pokémon in it, even drawing Pikachu and Voltorb all over my electricity science project. I was only ten years old. When my Game Boy Pocket's batteries had died, I would be drawing Pokémon to pass the time. I was inspired by Ken Sugimori's Pokémon artwork in the Pokémon Red and Blue instruction manual. The Pokémon anime was on the television frequently which sparked my love for drawing in anime/manga style.

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Licence to thrill: how Nintendo could go beyond the game Toons, bricks and rollercoasters: our dream licensed products.
A not so long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, a beloved videogame company known as Nintendo decided - in the wake of commercial unrest - it would expand its rich collection of character intellectual property licences beyond the realms of videogames to more merchandise, digital fields and other areas never licensed before. Many gamers across the land rejoiced at the news, for it promised an intriguing future for a company with strong traditional values and the opportunity to see our favourite characters in exciting new places.

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First trailer and screens for Wii U's Fatal Frame Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden hits Japan 27 September.
We love us some Fatal Frame (technically called Project Zero in Europe, but we prefer the US name). Tecmo's horror series plays like a photographic Luigi's Mansion, tasking a range of spooked teenage girls to creep around dusty mansions trapping hostile spirits in a magic camera. After two Wii iterations (IV and a remake of II), the game now heads to Wii U. Check out the first trailer...

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New Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire trailer! Pokemon contests, secret bases and Mega Metagross.
We recently showed a few screens of the revamped Secret Bases, and that got us so excited that we hollowed out a nearby tree and now we live there with our collection of Pokemon stuffed toys. This time, we've got a trailer showing not just one new feature, but... several!

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Fire Emblem characters confirmed for Smash Bros.! Lucina, Robin, Chrom and... Captain Falcon?!.
We've been on the edge of our seats all day, waiting for this new character announcement at 3pm. It's been incredibly uncomfortable and we've even fallen off a couple of times, all in the name of excitement over Smash Bros.

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eShop games of the week: Earthbound & Little Inferno on sale! It's a very good week for the eShop bargain bin.
Top-down shooters, Kirby's voracious and insatiable appetite for living creatures and a BUCKETLOAD of wicked sales all in this week's glut of eShop lovelies.

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Introducing Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire's Super Secret Bases All your secret bases are belong to us? Thanks to StreetPass: yes.
Following yesterday's Twitter-trending reveal of Mega Metagross (our favourite reply on the ONM Facebook was a wide-eyed Link with the caption 'heavy breathing'), other Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news comes from Japan this week in the form of revamped Secret Bases. We're quite excited about this feature - in fact, along with Metagross, it was something we listed for in our so-far-prophetic hopes for the forthcoming remakes.

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Hyrule Warriors screens show Fi, Ghirahim and The Imprisoned Link's got a big smashy ball and Zelda's got a nice smile.
Skyward Sword! It's a brilliant game (we gave it 98%, which is the highest number we can count to) and now it's appearing in another brilliant game: Hyrule Warriors!

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Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: Mega Metagross revealed! He's big and rocky and he's got lovely manicured nails.
In a scoop from Japanese magazine CoroCoro, a new Mega Evolution for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has been revealed: Mega Metagross.

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Get to GAME for a free Mega Charizard for Pokemon X & Y! We're having a FIRE... sale.
From July 11th to August 10th, GAME are running a promotion that will get you a free Charizard holding a Mega Stone, which will enable it to mega evolve into Mega Charizard!

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Hyrule Warriors: New character, new weapon, new outfits Skyward Sword's Fi flaps into the ring.
We've seen loads of Twilight Princess influences on Hyrule Warriors: Agitha and Midna's appearance as playable characters, Link and Zelda's alternate TP outfits, and baddie Zant available as an in-game enemy. Now it's Skyward Sword's turn!

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Fancy Pattern Vivillion released globally Special edition Pokémon marks 100 million trades on X & Y.
Back in May, The Pokémon Company announced that they'd be releasing a Fancy Pattern Vivillion once the 100 millionth trade was completed on Pokemon X & Y's Global Trade System. Great, we thought. That'll happen within the fortnight, we thought. We rubbed our hands together in glee and started building ourselves a little butterfly house in preparation for the new arrival.

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eShop game of the week: Pokemon Trading Card Game Have you ever had a papercut off a Pikachu?.
We think the overlords that run the eShop might have gone on holiday this week - it's very quiet down here. Two VC games, one karaoke pass, a game about jetpacks and a NES Remix deal are what we've got in this week's eShop update.

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Hatsune Miku gets Western release on 3DS The futuristic rhythm game is the first in the series to leave Japan.
The popularity of the virtual pop starlet Hatsune Miku games has taken Japan by storm, becoming a culture in itself. Using fancy voice synthesizer software, the Japanese media company Crypton Future Media created an entirely computer-generated songstress who became so well-loved that she supported Lady Gaga on her recent Artpop tour.

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Check out the new Hyrule Warriors character: Lana Swords are so last year - it's all about squashing enemies with a giant cube.
Hyrule Warriors is getting more and more female characters by the second, the latest of which is blue-haired mage Lana. If Zelda's Light attacks and Agitha's bug attacks don't excite you, maybe Lana's will - she can summon ethereal shapes to aid her in her quest to do away with swarms of enemies.

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eShop games of the week: Pokemon Art Academy, Guacamelee Let's punch some Mexican skeletons and also draw some nice pictures.
A relatively quiet week on the eShop front, but we've still got Pokémon Art Academy and Chibi-Robo to keep us going through this difficult time, not to mention the incredible Guacamelee that you should all be buying right now instead of reading this.

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We're all going on a (Nintendo) summer holiday Take a virtual holiday courtesy of Nintendo...
Summer's finally here and we're already daydreaming about booking tickets to far-off, exotic destinations. We can't actually afford to, though (that's what happens when you accept Wispa Golds as payment), so here's our brochure for the best locations to visit in the world of Nintendo...

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See Nintendo's amazing E3 games in Tomodachi form! Bobble-headed developers sing about their latest creations.
Not content with hosting the weirdest E3 conference of any publisher (we still can't get that Reggie/Iwata fight out of our heads), Nintendo has issued a bizarro follow-up through the magic of Tomodachi Life.

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Hyrule Warriors screens show Twilight Princess influence Two new characters revealed, hookshot weapon confirmed.
A new batch of Hyrule Warriors screenshots have been released, showing us a lot more of the game's Twilight Princess features, as well as Agitha and Lana, two new playable characters.

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Cooking Mama 5 coming out this September for 3DS The heat is on in the latest chef-sim game.
Mama's back in the kitchen, doing the cooking for which she was named. This time, there's new outfits, new food and even a Download Play option that lets you cook along with three friends, sharing one card.

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More E3 Pullblox World puzzles to download! Oh, we do spoil you, don't we?.
Some of you may have noticed that the QR codes on the back page of issue 110 don't work. Oops. We were so excited for you all to play those levels, and we obviously didn't plan for the codes to get all smooshed up in printing. So we're going to put them all up right here to make up for it!

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ONM 110: Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, and our E3 wrap-up! Plus a few more Mario Kart 8 tips, because why not?.
It's been a busy month with the tail-end of E3 filling our hearts, minds and inboxes with juicy details and loads of work to do. We've done our best to distil it all into a handy magazine-sized chunk of information for you to digest. Yum.

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Mario Kart 8 getting Mercedes-Benz DLC Update: DLC now coming out in Europe and US!.
It's a story that does exactly what it says on the tin. Nintendo is teaming up with Mercedes-Benz to give Mario and chums shiny new GLA to bomb around the tracks in. Needless to say, that go kart made of warp pipes is beginning to look a bit silly now. Check out the insane trailer below...

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New Hyrule Warriors trailers get us all steamy Fire Rod! Sword spins! Boss battles! SCARVES!.
We've got two tasty new trailers for Hyrule Warriors, featuring one green-garbed hero fighting the masses with an array of weapons, including recurring item, the Fire Rod.

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eShop games of the week: Wii Sports Club, Chibi-Robo Also, the Streetpass games are on sale!.
This week, we got sports, and some more sports, and then just when you thought you were all sportsed out... Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. Hey, that's not a sports!

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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of forma.8 Mixed Bag's striking shooter/puzzler is looking
Many games emerge from grand designs: important stories to tell, new technological innovations to experiment with, beautiful art styles to show off. Forma.8 was a little more straightforward. "The idea was to create a more hardcore-oriented Metroidvania game on what was mainly a casual gaming platform," explains Mauro Fanelli, who co-founded developer, Mixed Bag, with Andrea Gellato.

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This week's Smash Bros screenshots Sakurai reveals, details and hints at new features.
The release date for Smash Bros 3DS is creeping closer, and Smash Bros Wii U is being polished up for a release in Winter as we type. The games' director, Masahiro Sakurai, is still happily churning away at his 'Pics of the Day' feature, where he releases a screenshot each day with a little bit of detail on what's in the picture. Here's this week's screens, along with Sakurai's description:

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Pullblox World review Push it real good.
In a world in which children are going missing and giant statues of cows are mysteriously appearing across the land, only one thing can save the day: pulling some God. Damn. BLOX. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson plays hero, Mallo, in Pullblox: The Pullening. Coming to cinemas this summer. Cut, print, done.

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ONM Podcast 62 is FINALLY here Sorry for the wait, chaps.
Joe leaving, E3 happening and a small accident with a fox have collectively made this month's podcast a little later than usual.

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Wii Fit U update adds courses, new features Walking Challenge and Climbing Challenge get challengier.
Wii Fit U's just received update ver. 1.3.0, which provides more courses for the Walking and Climbing Challenges, as well as smoothing over certain features for ease of use.

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eShop games of the week: Pullblox World, Fractured Soul Roll up, roll up, get your low-priced games here.
Film tie-ins and another Color Zen game aside, it's not looking too bad on the eShop this week. The wonderful Pullblox World is out, as well as some add-on content for Mario Golf World Tour and a price drop on Fractured Soul, a tough two-screen platformer that's a little rough around the edges but apparently deserved a 79% from our former friend Skrebels.

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Interview: Shu Takumi on the Phoenix Wright trilogy Ace Attorney creator talks us through 10 years of finger pointing and excessive shouting.
Earlier in the year, ONM spoke to Ace Attorney creator, Shu Takumi, to celebrate the arrival of the magnificent Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Takumi's spiky haired lawyer has long been one of our favourite heroes, bellowing his way through five tremendous games armed with little more than powerful lungs and an unwavering conviction.

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Pokémon Art Academy review We learn how to be the next Andy Warholbasaur.
We were sceptical at first of Pokémon Art Academy, given that limiting our artistic talents to drawing Pokémon is like telling Van Gogh to stick just to flowers. There's a Pikachu-shaped hole in the art market, though, so why not give the people what they want?

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Brain Training free on European Wii U eShop Grab this brainy bargain before 10 July.
Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain was recently released as the first DS title on Virtual Console in Japan.

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Code Name S.T.E.A.M: A new strategy game for 3DS Steampunk style getting us all hot under the collar.
Intelligent Systems, the company behind Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, have announced a new game called Code Name S.T.E.A.M, which is an absolute nightmare to type out.

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Mega Sableye revealed for Ruby/Sapphire remakes Oh no, not this a-gem.
You thought the gemstone-eyed freak was scary before? Well, now he's got an evil grin and he's nicked a rupee from Link to hide behind.

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Our dream Hyrule Warriors characters Achieved with the power of terrible picture editing.
Hyrule Warriors has gained four playable characters so far: Zelda, Impa, Midna and Link. There's still more to come, with at least five empty slots on the character selection screen and possibly even more than that. We thought we'd join in on a bit of good old-fashioned post-E3 speculation with our pick of who we'd like to see in Hyrule Warriors.

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Fantasy Life heading to 3DS this September The colourful fantasy RPG's got pirates, princesses and... uh... lumberjacks?.
During Nintendo's Treehouse broadcast, we saw some more gameplay from Fantasy Life, a 3DS exclusive that's already out in Japan and is on its way to Europe.

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